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Lucy Chaplin- Science Starlet Comic Book Review

The Austin-based creator and writer of Halloween Man Comics, Drew Edwards, is releasing a special feature starring Halloween Man’s girlfriend, the buxom brainiac Lucy Chaplin. The Science Starlet drops on Comixology Wednesday, July 4th, with a release party and signing on Saturday, July 7th at Hops & Heroes.

Lucy Chaplin Science Startlet, Drew Edwards, Comic Book, Halloween Man, Austin Texas

I had a chance to read the comic and it was a delight. Lucy Chaplin is a brilliant scientist who uses her inventions to fight evil-doers in this dimension and beyond. She’s a beautiful, full-figured, smart woman who, at the end of a tough day of saving the world, comes home to a tender relationship with an undead man who has also been out fighting his own monsters.

Lucy Chaplin COmic Book Drew Edwards Halloween Man Austin Texas


There’s obvious political satire, social commentary, and cheesecake comic book quirkiness in this fun and overdue read. Edwards gave Lucy many qualities of his wife, Austin’s own voluptuous pinup, musician, and activist, Jamie Bahr. The character was written with so much adoration and respect.


Key things I loved about this comic:

*At no point does Halloween Man have to step in and save the day.  He knows Lucy has her business handled.

*Who Edwards made the president in this universe. No spoilers, just saying.

*Lucy crushing unhealthy societal beauty standards without mocking smaller-framed women in the process.


Lucy Chaplin COmic Book Drew Edwards Halloween Man Austin Texas

The message from the comic is clear- women are powerful, important, and equal, and can do anything they want. Want to be a leading plus-sized model AND a badass crimefighter? YOU CAN! Want to be a pioneering scientist AND celebrate your own sexiness? YOU CAN! And further, you can be loved for it all.



Its the Most Other-Worldly Time of the Year!

It’s my favorite time of year! No, I’m not a winter person. And, though I am no Scrooge, I just don’t get that excited about the holidays. No, something amazing is happening in my corner of the world December 7th-10th- Other Worlds Austin Science Fiction Film Festival (OWA)! Let me explain why this event so awesome I had to get a babysitter for my dog.

OWA is now in it’s 4th year as Austin, Texas’s only dedicated science fiction film festival. And yes, I’ve been every year. It has grown into a 4-day fest that screens and celebrates the diverse spectrum of scifi, as well as adding horror in 2016 with its Under Worlds sidebar. There are independent, international feature films and short films all making their Austin debuts at least, some as much as making their world premiere.

Films are voted on by festival attendees for Audience Choice awards, as well as given awards from the programming staff (Cthulies). In 2015 OWA added the Mary Shelley Award, awarded to “the artist (writer, director, or actress) whose film best furthers the involvement and representation of women in genre filmmaking.”



This year’s Launch Film is the 20th Anniversary screening of Event Horizon with writer Philip Eisner in attendance. I just had to painfully hold myself back from writing that entire sentence in all caps to show my excitement. Eisner is also leading a screenwriting workshop Saturday morning at the Austin School of Film Motion Media Arts Center. I will be there taking all the notes.

Did I mention the parties? One very important thing that sets OWA apart from other great festivals is the community it builds. Brunch, happy hour, preshow parties, and after-parties are scheduled with the attendees in mind. Though some are reserved for top-tier badgeholders, there are parties available to everyone. They have specialty drink menus appropriately themed for the occasion, and this year they’ve added a trivia night.  Every year I get the chance to meet other fans and some of the film casts and crews over cocktails to talk about the films and scifi in general. I’ve made many great friends and valued acquaintances during these fun mingling times.

The staff really are the reason why OWA is able to build such a great event. I would know, I used to work with them. They are kind, funny, true fans who want to do the best they can to bring OWA to the scifi fans of Austin and beyond. They work year-round to find the best new scifi films to screen in Austin and make each fest better than the last. They can always be found around the fest, are helpful and ready to engage in any conversation about their favorite films. They’re good people doing stellar work. I am over the moon for all of them.

Last year OWA moved it’s base from central-ish Austin to the far north end of the city. I must admit, traveling to a galaxy far, far away (driving from South Austin to Round Rock) is not ideal. However, having Flix Brewhouse host the fest was the right move. Flix has a wonderful kitchen, a superb microbrewery, a huge free parking lot, great screens, and convenient food and drink service during the films. Their tables even slide out to meet you at your seat so eating in the dark isn’t quite as messy. I definitely need that. The venue upgrade vastly makes up for the drive.

The only real complaint I can come up with is that each film is only offered once in the program and with two theaters running, I will have to miss some of the film selections. I know how much work and care the staff puts into curating such an incredible program and I want to see all of it. I think this is just a symptom of the fest still being on the newer and smaller side, and something they could possibly remedy as the festival continues to grow. But getting the twelve guaranteed screenings, the film guest Q&As, the pre and after parties, brunch, and the screenwriting workshop that all come with my top-tier badge, at under $100, I actually feel selfish and guilty for complaining that I can’t get more.

So, this week I am faced with decisions. I haven’t figured out all my film picks yet. But these are what I know for sure. The shorts programs are always my favorite. This year there are three collections of short films- one horror, and two scifi. These take priority for me. Beyond Skyline is the only film that plays both theaters at the same time, so that is a sure bet. I think it should go without saying that I’ll be there for Event Horizon. The other films I’m leaning toward (probably?) are Flora, Tuftland, Restoration, and The Black Hole. This really is a tough one to call. I might just do blind picks and know I’ll be happy either way.

If you’re a science fiction fan in the Austin area, you’d be doing a huge disservice to yourself to miss this film festival. Badges are still on sale, and tickets for individual screenings are also available while they last. I hope I see you there. I’ll be the overly excited girl in some sort of spacey dress. Please say hello if you see me, so I can reiterate to you in person why Other Worlds Austin consistently makes me so happy.


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The Nerds are Coming!

Austin, TX has so many wonderful interest groups and communities. My favorites are obviously the ones for creatives and entrepreneurs. These groups do everything from hosting skill-building workshops and networking meet-ups, to planning public film screenings and artist markets.


One such event is happening this weekend and I can’t wait. Nerd Cave is a free annual art and music showcase celebrating comics, gaming, and general nerdiness going on Saturday, May 13th at The Sidewinder in downtown Austin from 1-7pm.


Nerd Cave ATX


Nerd Cave started in 2011 when Jennifer Cunningham and Matthew McCoy organized a small comic book art show at Tribe Comics in South Austin. Once Bad Barry Comp (Music Manager) and Shane Campos (Graphic Designer) got involved the group rebranded and grew into the showcase it is today. And for a dash of super hero bonus points, they also take donations at the events for local charity organizations. Tomas Fierro has stepped up as the Charity Liaison to help keep this aspect well organized.


I didn’t get involved with Nerd Cave until last year. Jennifer Cunningham, who, on top of being a super talented artist and cosplayer, is also an incredible make up artist, asked me if I’d like to join in the nerdy fun. Jen knew about my work in the different geek realms and my previous gig hosting a YouTube show, so she asked if I would come in cosplay and do interviews at the event. I went dressed in my new Super Mario Bros. fireball throwing piranha plant costume, set up a small merch table (which my fellow Frisky, Stormy L’Amour, helped me run), and filmed a handful of interviews with some of the awesome cosplayers.


Gemmi Galactic Nerd Cave ATX


I loved every minute of Nerd Cave 2016. I got to chat with fellow nerds about our shared love of fandom, geek out over clever costume construction, and meet more artists and makers and see their craft up close. The sweet and funny guys of Punching the Walls of Reality interviewed me on their podcast, and I won some great prizes in the costume contest. The live nerdcore hip hop music was new to me, but a fun and impressive surprise.


Nerd Cave ATX


I took quite a bit of footage of the event, in addition to the interviews. And then I sat on it all. For a year. I had every intention of launching my YouTube channel last year but some things just don’t work out as planned. 2017 brings new opportunities, new goals, and another Nerd Cave Showcase. I’ll be there with new goodies on my merch table, wearing my favorite cosplay, judging the Hops & Heroes Comics sponsored cosplay contest, and filming all new footage and interviews for a real YouTube launch.


Nerd Cave ATX


So come join us. Meet fellow nerds, talk about fandom, enter the cosplay contest, support local geek artists, enjoy the music, play games from Austin Toy Museum, chat with me on camera, donate to the Central Texas Food Bank, and have a good time.





My SciFi Romance

My first true love is Science Fiction. This is something I’ve known since middle school. Reading Ray Bradbury cracked open my mind to whole new worlds of possibilities. I was hooked. It’s almost impossible to pick my favorite stories of his, but The Veldt, The Earth Men, and The Pedestrian are candidates. At some point I started reading Vonnegut and Dick and my worlds got a little more twisted.


This was the start of a life-long love affair with anything SciFi. I watched Star Wars with my dad. I watch Star Trek with my mom. And I will forever be torn by the debate of Wars vs. Trek. Although, I do have some thoughts on this matter that can be an entire post on it’s own, so we’ll probably revisit this at a later date.

SciFi covers such a broad range of genres and I don’t have just one favorite. I enjoy the silly just as much as the serious. I love all the different imaginings of technology, life forms, space, and time. Some of the best works really focus on humanity and it’s response to these different imaginings. Black Mirror is probably the best show doing this right now. (In my opinion, obviously. I know there are more shows doing an amazing job with this right now.)


Two years ago I had the opportunity to attend a new SciFi film festival, Other Worlds Austin, as Press with my old YouTube show. I was completely blown away with the quality of the films curated for the event, and the friendliness of the staff and film guests involved. Directors and actors flew in from across the world to represent their films in Q&As and were kind enough to give us interviews in a quiet corner of the movie theater. A few of the feature films even went on to success on Netflix and Video On Demand, and many of them I have watched again.


I soon learned that OWA coordinated year-round events and screenings in Austin. I started attending and promoting them and soon they gave me a staff position in their Social Media/Marketing department. I worked with this dedicated staff of scifi fans and curators for over a year before my crazy project load forced me to make the very hard decision of leaving.

Next week (Dec. 1st-4th) is OWA’s 3rd annual festival! And as if I couldn’t be any more excited to go, they added HORROR to their program! Yes, Under Worlds Austin is OWA’s new expansion and I think it’s bloody brilliant. (Note: Horror post coming soon.) If you’re in the Austin area you should check it out. If you’re a filmmaker you should definitely check it out and submit to next year’s fest.


What do you like about Science Fiction? What are your favorite subgenres? Favorite writers/stories/films? Give me some recommendations to check out!





Weirdo at the Party

There is something I’ve known for a very long time, and from a very young age. I am weird. For a while I was ashamed and afraid that people would find out just how weird I was so I tried to hide it in many ways. That didn’t really work. First of all, my weirdness wasn’t easy to conceal. Second, I didn’t like who I was when I tried to be someone else to fit in. And honestly, I don’t think I really liked the people I was trying to fit in with.


After years of fighting it, I finally gave in to it. And I grew from just finally accepting my weirdness to fully celebrating it. What’s more is that I actually really like the other weirdos I meet. I found entire communities of people who like the same weird things I like and who have ways of celebrating their weirdness too. I fell completely in love with many subgenres of geek culture. Mostly the scifi, comic book, and horror realms and their fans. And even more specifically, my fellow creators in these fields, like writers, directors, artists, and cosplayers.


My Madonna phase circa 1985?


So let’s lay down some brief points of my evolution. In my early childhood I liked to play dress up. Mostly, I wanted to be Rainbow Brite and Madonna. I would build big standing microphones out of my Legos, layer on scarves and belts, and strum a fat plastic baseball bat like a guitar and sing. At some point my desire to be on stage took a back seat and I became a super nerd. I just wanted to read. I was always at the top of my class. My interests grew from stories about ballerinas to Nancy Drew. That was about the same time I started crocheting and crafting. In junior high I found my love for art, mostly sketching, and I found Edgar Allan Poe and Ray Bradbury and my life was never the same. In high school my love of horror really kicked in. In college, my first love taught me all about comic books. That was also the time I reclaimed my love for music and started photographing and writing about bands.


My friend’s prom. Princess Leia and a Jedi. 2001?


And then I got lost. For a few years. In that place where you try so hard to be almost anybody else that you almost don’t escape with any memory of who you really ever were. Those were dark times. Had I not found cosplay and burlesque performance, two things that are amazing both separately and together, and been led back to a world of creating, I might have been gone forever. Metaphorically and/or physically. I struggled with a lot then, so who knows.


My first Comic Con. 2010. With Catwoman Danae 🙂 Also my first Poison Ivy costume.


I am at my absolute happiest when I am creating. It can be anything at all, but making a costume, a necklace, a story, a character…  These things give me life. I want to celebrate that and support others who do the same. So welcome to my party. I’m your weirdo hostess and I’m glad to have you here with me.

Geekgasm Revue

Geekgasm Revue Nerdlesque cosplay geek trivia Austin

Geekgasm Revue is Austin’s original dedicated nerdlesque, cosplay, and geek trivia production all in one. Established in 2015 by Professor Argo and Gemmi Galactic, Geekgasm has been exciting Austin audiences with geek-themed shows of rotational casts of cosplaying burlesque, drag, and variety performers.

Geekgasm Revue will resume programming when it is safe to host live, in-person events again. Stay tuned for dates for Babes in Space: Scifi Burlesque, and Waifu-La-La: Anime Burlesque!


Past shows: