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I began pursuing Burlesque in 2010.  I was attracted to the glamour, but really fell in love with concept and character pieces.  I try to give all of my acts an extra push of something unexpected along with humor and playfulness.

Here’s a basic catalog of all my Burlesque acts available for booking. Contact me here for performance rates.


The Widow: A Femme Fatale in a classic gown/ corset/ panel skirt. This black widow cries, laughs, and strips to Metallica’s For Whom the Bell Tolls while attending the funeral of her latest husband.


Light the Match: Classic large ostrich feather fans in orange and white and rhinestoned! To Light the Match by Mirah.


Grapevine: A juicy balloon-popping routine. Performed to Marvin Gaye’s version of “I Heard it Through the Grapevine.” These balloons have popped many, many times, including at the 2012 Spanksgiving Burlesque Festival.


Mario Flower: The Super Mario Bros. Piranha Plant! With fireballs! My largest and most elaborate costume yet, set to the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s Mario Theme, and Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”


In Your Room: This act celebrates eroticism, fetish, and Depeche Mode.


The Big Lebowski: A tribute to the Dude. Complete with a bathrobe, bowling ball, bowling pin fans, the ringer suitcase, and a rug that ties the whole act together.  Performed to Kenny Rogers’ “I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In).” This act has bowled over audiences on many stages across Austin and the 2013 Texas Burlesque Festival and the 2012 San Antonio Burlesque Festival.


Tribble Trouble: An outrageously silly ode to Star Trek. This tribble just can’t stop from popping! Set to a background of STOS sound clips and Britney Spear’s “Oops, I Did it Again!” This new act has been spotted at the 2016 Texas Burlesque Festival and 2016 Philadelphia Burlesque Festival.


Sinatra: A swanky suit and cane number.  Performed to Frank Sinatra’s “All I Need is the Girl.” Sinatra has been strutting stages for a while, sometimes with live music by The Copa Kings!


Teddy Bear: A fetish act hitting many kinks- BDSM, Plushie, and Lolita. Playful and humorous, and set to an industrial version of Elvis Presley’s “Teddy Bear” mixed with “Bear Hug” by 2 Bears.


The Nutty Professor: A quirky Jerry Lewis inspired act with a chemistry set! Performed to a mix by composer Raymond Scott. This was one of my earliest acts and has been seen the most, including my debut at the 2012 Texas Burlesque Festival.


Artemis, the Huntress: A dramatic account of the Greek Goddess and her prey.  Performed to Florence and the Machine’s “Breath of Life.” This new a new act and has only been seen by one audience!


Jailbird Gemmi: A silly, high-energy shimmying, shaking, fury of fringe! Performed to Mike Patton’s version of the Italian “Che Notte!” This jailbird broke out in 2013 and has been performed many times since, including the 2013 Spanksgiving Burlesque Festival.


Christmas Present: A holiday act in wrapped in a big bow! Presents upon presents. To Last Christmas by WHAM!


Ligeia: A tribute to the short story by Edgar Allan Poe. Creepy and seductive, from beyond the grave.  Performed to Murder By Death’s “Comin’ Home.” Ligeia has haunted many shows in Austin.


Poison Ivy: A cosplay love story with lite bondage.  Performed to Fiona Apple’s “Criminal.” Poison Ivy has been tied up so many times, including San Japan 2013 and Realms Con 2014.


Golden Snitch: Harry Potter’s Golden Snitch comes alive in a gold gown and isis wings. Flies to the tune of “Crave You” by Flight Facilities. Recently debuted. Photos coming soon!


Grumpy Bear Go-Go: The grumpiest Care Bear gives in to the rhythm. Performed to a mix of Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones and Feel it Still by Portugal the Man.









Frisky Business Burlesque

In 2011 I started and produced a burlesque trio called Head Over Heels. The group soon changed and grew into Frisky Business Burlesque, a full variety troupe featuring performers with many different skills and styles. We have been lucky enough to call Elysium Nightclub home for our semi-monthly shows since the beginning. What can you expect to see at a Frisky show? Vaudeville! Cabaret! Singing! Fully choreographed ensembles! Aerialists! Sideshow stunts! Cosplay! Drag! Burlesque from classic to crazy! And there’s always a comedic (or otherwise suited) host as our ring master!

Follow Frisky Business on Facebook, Instagram and twitter!

Our active lineup is:
Dame Stella Pipes– Cabaret Singer;
Sado Moore– Aerialist, Boylesque;
Amelie Ahmose– Belly Dance, Cosplay, Burlesque;
Dame Dynamite– Modern Dance, Burlesque;
Gerry “Geronimo” Galactic– Drag King, Vaudeville, Boylesque;
Sabor Insanity– Sideshow, Shock, Burlesque;
FiFi Switchblade- Sideshow, Pole, Burlesque;
Aetheria Lovecraft– Sideshow, Cosplay, Flow, Burlesque;
Gemmi Galactic– Vaudeville, Cosplay, Burlesque.

Our performers can be seen in shows and festivals across the nation and are available for booking.

Our next show is Friday, October 7th- the Monster Mash BOOty Bash!


Our past shows of 2016:












Geekgasm Revue

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Geekgasm Revue is Austin’s original dedicated nerdlesque, cosplay, and geek trivia production all in one. Established in 2015 by Professor Argo and Gemmi Galactic, Geekgasm has been exciting Austin audiences with geek-themed shows of rotational casts of cosplaying burlesque, drag, and variety performers.

Next Show- DREAM & DESIRE: A Neil Gaiman Burlesque Tribute!

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“The witch was as old as the mulberry tree
She lived in the house of a hundred clocks
She sold storms and sorrows and calmed the sea
And she kept her life in a box.”
-Neil Gaiman, Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances


Geekgasm Revue presents its first show dedicated to an author, instead of a theme. Join us for a magical night of burlesque, drag, and belly dance inspired by the stories and characters of the one and only fantasy master, Neil Gaiman!

Dream & Desire features the characters of Sandman, Coraline, Good Omens, Stardust, and American Gods in a way you’ve never imagined before.

Get swept away by performances from:
Amelie Ahmose!
Lady Fingers!
Sabor Insanity!
Jack Rabid!
Devin Alfather!
Gemmi Galactic!
Papi Churro!
Titania McGee!
Kitty Von Quim!
Vivienne Vermuth from Dallas!
Remy Dee from New Orleans!

Dream & Desire: A Neil Gaiman Burlesque Tribute
Tuesday, January 28th
8pm show/7pm doors

As always, compete with your team in the Trivia rounds throughout the show to win prizes! Trivia will cover Neil Gaiman’s catalog, and most heavily on the stories represented on our stage.

Dress as your favorite Gaiman character and win prizes in the cosplay contest!

Arrive early to visit the bar and vendor tables, and find your seats before the show starts!

There is limited seating in our intimate venue and most seating options sell out in presale and aren’t available at the door, so get your tickets early! Kick Butt Cafe has a delicious kitchen, specialty cocktails, coffees and teas, and free lot parking away from the hassle of downtown.

Very Important Gods Tables (VIP Table for 2 people, right up front)- $60
The Endless Party Table (shared party booth seats 10 people)- $25 per seat
Dreamy Seating (cushy chair section behind VIG)- $20
Armageddon General Admission (standing room behind seating section)- $10




Past shows:

Dr. B. Hindstein



Dr. B. Hindstein, Booty Professor, is a drag king with Frisky Business Burlesque. Inspired by a mix of Jerry Lewis’s physical comedy, the artist’s own experience as a dorky adolescent, and sleazy ladies’ man raunch, Dr. B. Hindstein is a big ego in an awkward frame. This Geek with Gusto has been stealing hearts from stages across Texas since 2014. Formerly known as Gerry “Geronimo” Galactic, it was time for him to follow his true passion and change his name. He’s nuts for butts!


Dr. B. Hindstein’s acts are available for booking. Contact me here for performance rates.


Lumber Sexual: Paul Bunyan has nothing on Doc! And after a long day of manly work, he just wants to eat…


Safari: Doc sets his on the eyes on beauty of the African wildlife.  What is he tracking?  What could possibly go wrong?


Han Solo: Because, obviously.


Strip-o-gram: Doc lip-syncs “Happy Birthday” by New Kids on the Block while stripping out of a giant present box.


Harry Potter: Doc’s ridiculously cocky/dorky take on The Boy Who Lived to The Killers “The Man.” This act was recently debuted. Photos coming soon!