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Frisky Business Burlesque

Posted On July 29, 2016

In 2011 I started and produced a burlesque trio called Head Over Heels. The group soon changed and grew into Frisky Business Burlesque, a full variety troupe featuring performers with many different skills and styles. We have been lucky enough to call Elysium Nightclub home for our semi-monthly shows since the beginning. What can you expect to see at a Frisky show? Vaudeville! Cabaret! Singing! Fully choreographed ensembles! Aerialists! Sideshow stunts! Cosplay! Drag! Burlesque from classic to crazy! And there’s always a comedic (or otherwise suited) host as our ring master!

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Our active lineup is:
Dame Stella Pipes– Cabaret Singer;
Sado Moore– Aerialist, Boylesque;
Amelie Ahmose– Belly Dance, Cosplay, Burlesque;
Dame Dynamite– Modern Dance, Burlesque;
Gerry “Geronimo” Galactic– Drag King, Vaudeville, Boylesque;
Sabor Insanity– Sideshow, Shock, Burlesque;
FiFi Switchblade- Sideshow, Pole, Burlesque;
Aetheria Lovecraft– Sideshow, Cosplay, Flow, Burlesque;
Gemmi Galactic– Vaudeville, Cosplay, Burlesque.

Our performers can be seen in shows and festivals across the nation and are available for booking.

Our next show is Friday, October 7th- the Monster Mash BOOty Bash!


Our past shows of 2016:












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