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Gerry “Geronimo” Galactic

Posted On May 4, 2016

In 2014 I decided to release a new character, my drag king persona, Gerry “Geronimo” Galactic. Inspired by a mix of Jerry Lewis’s physical comedy, my own experience as a dorky adolescent, and sleazy ladies’ man raunch, Geronimo is a big ego in an awkward frame. “The Geek With Gusto” has been stealing hearts, much to my surprise. He has his very own membership in Frisky Business Burlesque, and performs solos as well as in group routines.

Important note: “Geronimo” was what U.S. Paratroopers in WWII would cry out when jumping into battle.  Doctor Who adopted it as well and Matt Smith’s Doctor said it at the beginning of many adventures.  Of course, this battle cry was all originally adopted from the Apache Chief Goyathlay, who was given the sobriquet “Geronimo” by Mexican soldiers after seeing his daring feats of bravery in battle. The name is the Italian and Spanish form of Jerome, from the Greek Hieronomos, literally meaning “sacred name.” Geronimo surely was a sacred man in U.S. history, and my character is in no way a parody or reference to him or meant to be in any way related or disrespectful to the Native American community.  The name was chosen simply as the exclamation expressing exhilaration that it is, because every time I get on stage as Geronimo it is quite an adventure.

Geronimo’s acts are available for booking. Contact me here for performance rates.


Lumber Sexual: Paul Bunyan has nothing on Geronimo! And after a long day of manly work, he just wants to eat…


Safari: Geronimo has set his sights on the beauty of the African wildlife.  What is he tracking?  What could possibly go wrong?


Han Solo: Because, obviously.


Strip-o-gram: Gerry lip-syncs “Happy Birthday” by New Kids on the Block while stripping out of a giant present box.


Harry Potter: Gerry’s ridiculously cocky/dorky take on The Boy Who Lived to The Killers “The Man.” This act was recently debuted. Photos coming soon!





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